All therapeutic services are currently conducted via a secure online video conference. Read more here.

Finding the right “match” with your therapist is important and often requires tenacity. As a client, you get the best results by having a therapist with whom you feel connected to, safe with, and supported by. The “match,” timing, and philosophy all need to line up. I hope that the information on this website will help you determine if I am good “match” for you.

My work with individuals and couples focuses on creating and strengthening secure bonds in your significant relationships. Stronger, more secure relationships increase confidence, emotional security, and overall wellbeing in the face of life’s stressors.

I look forward to speaking with you to explore your needs and goals.



Couples Therapy

Finding the best therapist for two people is sometimes complicated. Both people have to be willing to get help, have some initial confidence that the therapist is the “right” person for them, and not feel instantly “in the hot seat.” Indeed, balancing the psychological pressure between the two parties is a chronic challenge. Read more.

Individual Therapy

I enjoy working with individuals who are experiencing relationship challenges or life transitions such as a break-up or divorce, relationship distress, difficulties with emotion regulation, postpartum depression or anxiety, grief and loss, depression, work stress, gender and sexual identity, and children leaving/coming back home.  Read more

Areas of Specialty

Relationship Dissatisfaction, Attachment & Commitment, Intimacy & Trust, Infidelity, Communication Challenges, Depression & Anxiety, Chronic Illness,  Neurodiversity, Sexual & Gender Identity.


All Are Welcome

I welcome people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, sexual identities, gender identities, relationship and marital statuses.