My Practice

I offer therapy to couples and individuals in my NE Seattle office. A significant portion of my practice is dedicated to helping couples who would like to repair and strengthen their relationships. The remainder of my practice is focused on helping individuals improve and strengthen relationships, work with life stressors and transitions, and issues of identity. I hold a special fondness in my heart for those on the Autism Spectrum, those who are parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum, and those whose partners are on the Autism Spectrum.

What I’m Like As a Therapist

It is important to me as a therapist that you feel seen, heard, understood, and accepted. I see my role as a therapist as a collaborator or someone who helps to facilitate change, generate insight, and guide towards healing. I have the expertise and I will use it but you are the expert in your life, your own experiences, and your emotions. I will use my education and training to help you achieve your therapy goals.

I am a mother of two lovely children who each have unique and complex needs and I have been married for nearly twenty years. My practice is deeply informed by not only my theoretical orientations but also by my lived experiences.

I am trained as a marriage and family therapist: marriage and family therapists use a systemic lens when working with clients. This means that I do not view my clients in isolation to the world and others but in relation to others and the world they inhabit. My overall approach is strongly informed by attachment theory and specifically Emotionally Focused Therapy. I also draw Psychodynamic Therapy and aspects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.